About Online-Audio-Monitor

The Online-Audio-Monitor (OAM) examines the progressive use of online audio content, services and platforms in Germany in a study representative of the population. The OAM provides information such as data relating to the use of web radio, streaming platforms and podcasts, the audio usage behavior in cars, the users’ willingness to pay, and the impact of zero rating rates on the usage behavior, as well as the distribution and use of so-called smart speakers, such as Amazon’s voice-controlled Echo devices.

The Online Audio Monitor is a study replacing the previous Web Radio Monitor, which examined the development of the web radio in Germany from 2009 to 2017 – initially with a study conducted by providers, which was later supplemented by a user survey. The clients decided in 2018 to advance the project and to focus on the progressive use of online audio content, services and platforms.

The Online Audio Monitor provides a representative examination of the use of online audio-content by the German-speaking population aged 14 years and over. In 2019, 7,550 CATI interviews were conducted by the commissioned KANTAR  institute. The sample is composed of landline numbers and mobile numbers at a ration of 80:20.

Clients of the Online-Audio-Monitor are The Bavarian Regulatory Authority for Commercial Broadcasting (BLM),  three further partners from the network of the State Media Authorities, i.e. the Media Authority for Berlin-Brandenburg (mabb), the Baden-Württemberg Regional Office for Communications (LFK) and the NRW State Office for Media as well as The Federal Association of Digital Business /BVDW) and the Association of Private Broadcasting and Telemedia (VAUNET) in Germany.